It’s tough; it’s definitely tough to smile through a heavy heart. Sometimes when you try, you eventually burst into tears. The spiking cases of anxiety, and depression, and the casualties due to this large-scale disaster shows it’s not something you can get over so easily, you need time, people to cheer you up, efforts and determination.

Depression is like sitting in a room full of people with a blank stare and not a single thought in your head but hearing everything going on around you and being too exhausted to respond to any of it or you are climbing the…

Spiking cases of Revenge Porn in India- An alarm!

Riddhi still gets goosebumps when she recalls the events that happened 7 years ago. She calls her traumatized mind “ a grave, where all of her dreams died”. “ It was the start of the hell” when she got to know that she was getting posted everywhere, she said. Her father, who was a school teacher, got to see her videos on his student’s cell phone. It was even more embarrassing for her when he told her mum and other family members about the same. For an Indian girl of a conservative family, it was a death bed she was…

A home without a mother is just a house. Agree?

It was lily’s first night without her mum. She tried hard to console herself, but the pain was endless. At some point when she could not bear the pain, she decided to go out for a walk. She wore her mother’s beautiful red shawl, which was eventually her last article in the house. She tried to feel her mothers’ essence through that shawl. She could feel her mother’s fragrance from it. Tears kept on rolling down her cheeks. The pain of losing a mother is indeed a real thing.

Well, she wore her shawl and went out for a walk…

Back in 2016, aged 18 Sakshi, got someone she could actually rely on, whom she could trust more than herself. She got a person who she thought will never leave. From the moment she noticed the efforts that were made just for her smile, she was pretty sure that Kajal is meant to be her best friend. She just didn’t know it yet.

The best, best friend, Kajal Thareja!

It was the very first day of college, she spotted Kajal while going for classes. She was so pretty, a proper Punjabi girl with a sweet voice. …

So after the wonderful day in Barsana, the next spots were Vrindavan and Gokul. I hope you will like this part too.

Kesi Ghat: This lovely place is commemorating the glorious victory situated on the banks of Lord Krishna over the terrifying River Yamuna, Keshi Ghat is counted amongst the most popular tourist attractions in Vrindavan. Legend has it that after slaying the demon Keshi (after which the ghat is named), Lord Krishna took a bath at this ghat. Keshi was the horse-demon that was sent by Krishna’s evil uncle Kansa to kill him. Since then, devotees visiting Vrindavan make…

The trip was a great travel ride, all thanks to the weather which was really pleasant with winters just seeping in.

The Ridge, the Mall road of Shimla is the heart of the city.

It is one of the active commercial areas of this place. Automobiles were not allowed and hence we had to walk.

The Ridge is a wide-open street located on the side of Shimla Mall Road. The Ridge has everything, from shops selling some exclusive monuments to the spectacular view of the snow-capped mountain. It is famous for a lot of things, but best known for shopping.

Pause the Moment- I am in Shimla, The Queen of Hills

Some of you might have visited so many of the holy places. We all love such places, not just for beauty, but also for the historical beliefs and to feel the culture more closely, Right?

When I came to Mathura, 4 years back, I was amazed by the beautiful temples and the mythological stories related to this city as well as nearby places. So I will be sharing my experience with these lovely places along with the associated historical beliefs. …

You have been reading me, but now you will get to know me!

I know this is too late to post an introductory post of mine. Posting a view of my life, and the people behind my writings, after 14 appreciated blogs, might look silly, but still, I feel I should share how I started. Going back to my rustic root, let me take you to my childhood.

Growth/ Values/ Upbringing/ Principles all we get from our family. So, growing up in a joint family of 11 members, which had excellent ethics, was a blessing. I got my superhero in childhood only. My father, who is an advocate by profession, was a responsible…

India has been witnessing feminism movements since the early days. The ban of the Sati system, child marriage, and various political issues like the Involvement of Women in the Quit India movement are some of the examples. The 1917 movement by Sarojini Naidu, for the right to vote to drive the constitution of a committee consisting of 14 women across India was a big milestone in Indian feminism history. From Savitribai Phule to Ishmat Chugtai, outspoken feminists have been living in India for decades.

If we go back to the ages of Vedas, Draupadi remodeled the notion of monogamy and…

I always had a soft corner for children, since 2011 when I read an old local newspaper “ HINDUSTAN”, which dedicated 2 of its pages to the life of orphan children. On Diwali eve, I got to learn this side of orphanages for the first time. 44 children (19 boys and 25girls) were moved to a different place after shocking revelation of pregnancy of a 13 years old girl in Vidyavati Ashram and the orphanage was sealed by The Women and Child welfare committee. …

Sakshi Mishra

A pharmacist who plays the part of a writer, a poet, and an athlete.

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