A home without a mother is just a house. Agree?

It was lily’s first night without her mum. She tried hard to console herself, but the pain was endless. At some point when she could not bear the pain, she decided to go out for a walk. She wore her mother’s beautiful red shawl, which was eventually her last article…

India has been witnessing feminism movements since the early days. The ban of the Sati system, child marriage, and various political issues like the Involvement of Women in the Quit India movement are some of the examples. The 1917 movement by Sarojini Naidu, for the right to vote to drive…

Sakshi Mishra

A pharmacist who plays the part of a writer, a poet, and an athlete. http://sakshimishrablogs.blogspot.com/2020/07/moms-magic-ultimate-place-for-strength.html

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