A man’s insecurities and women’s low confidence always causes loss to society.

It might seem fierce, but I am going to dedicate this blog to several patriarchy rules, I have been questioning for long.

A man’s insecurities and women’s low confidence always causes loss to society.

Why most of the men are insecure?

They tried managing everything well, but after some time, they end up separating. Do you know for what reason? After studies, she got a much-paid job almost triple to her man’s salary. He ended up a relationship by saying; she was habitual of living a luxurious life which he cannot afford. You are too high-maintenance for me. You are out of my reach, he sighed. And it was his fault for being so insecure and standoffish around a smart, talented, and loyal woman who could’ve made a fantastic life partner for him. His loss!

So that is the problem. A man is predicted to pay a girl’s bill or ditch her. They are expected to be more educated than his partner. Why can’t she simply contribute half of the amount? Why can’t she be more talented than him? Do you know how this expectation is damaging their mental stability, making them brutal? This is what makes them insecure.

We live in a society where men are expected to be intelligent, strong, earn well, and pay his girl’s shopping and restaurant bills. He is expected to be a superman who rescues people in problem, who should take leads and should never cry. Also, the one who completes the entire outdoor duties and should single out the majority of decisions. But what if a man moves out of the box? What if he is funny, not mature? What if he wants to learn Kathak, not boxing, and what if he is fond of cooking? He is often mocked and given shameful names.

Readers, you can tell me if I am putting any wrong questions.

Imagine a guy who loves helping his mother in household chores, who cries after getting hurt, who is not much strong physically, and sometimes relies on his girl to declare decisions. But will we accept him equally like a tall, muscular, decisive, protective man? Maybe not! That is because we have bordered the features for a man, in which he doesn’t fit well. He needs to change. Really! No, Not at all.

Why do women choose a jerk over a decent man?

Why a woman commits the one who her and need him for her insults her and shows himself smarter? Why does she live with the one who talks about her profession about which he barely knows? Why a woman often allows man for protection? We often see women working double and still craving for his attention and appreciation, sometimes sacrifices a lot, only to make him happy. overpowering

Let me tell you why; because she is not confident of herself. She feels this is the best man she deserved. She feels her opinion doesn’t matter much, and why would a good guy date her? Take any attractive, sophisticated woman. You don’t see it, but she navigates judgment every single day. She deals with a hundred little paper cuts to her self-esteem and sense of intrinsic worth. Her character becomes the talk of the town. She is always prepared for being second, eat at last, and please her partner. This is where she fails!

Probably because she needs to wear extra layers of confidence, she needs to stop believing herself a victim. She should disagree if she feels so. Don’t we need to break this patriarchy system of our society?

Why can’t she pay the electricity bill and he cooks for her? Oh man, why do you need to be best at everything?, Can we respect a girl’s intelligence and education more than her looks?, Can’t we balance this equation of men and women? Can we break this stereotype? Are we the generation of change? Can we accept men, women, and transgender just as humans? When will we break these stereotypes?

There are thousands of questions like this. Readers, if you have the answers, please let me know.

A pharmacist who plays the part of a writer, a poet, and an athlete. http://sakshimishrablogs.blogspot.com/2020/07/moms-magic-ultimate-place-for-strength.html